A RTS, MOBA, Collection, and Play-to-Earn Game build on Polygon

Welcome to the Dragon Metaverse!

‘It's working!’ -exclaimed a cheerful voice from the sacred altar.

A gleaming Dragon Crystaldrifted into the air and was successfully purified, providing the planet Lemuria endless possibilities. Dragon Crystal is a rare natural substance akin to ore, a natural energy ore condensed by the long-term interplay between the energy of the earth's core and Lemuria's magnetic field. Local aborigines learned that by absorbing the energy of the Dragon Crystal, they could become more powerful and long-lived, and this Dragon Crystal, of course, was extremely valuable.

With the advancement of civilization, a technology for synthesizing dragon crystal was created, which would reshape the entire world of Lemuria. An ordinary stone with the mark ofTOTEM, which is found to be rich in the energy of the Earth's core and can be synthesized utilizing artificial magnetic field technology, is the raw material for making ‘Dragon Crystal’. Totem is unique in that it could only be discovered on DragonStone Island that is located closest to the relic continent's core.


DragonMaster is the first blockchain-based Metaverse game that blends RTS, MOBA, Collection, and Play-to-Earn gameplay.

The land system will be introduced in the future, allowing players to freely develop their own home towns, defend against opponents through appropriate deployment, empower themselves through battles and resource plundering, and engage in group engagements.


  1. DragonMaster will grow from a blockchain-based Play To Earn game to a Dragon Metaverse featuring virtual characters, residences, even careers. Artists and developers will be able to earn the DMT rewards in the late future.

  2. DragonMaster tournaments all around the world.

  3. DAO governance, completely decentralized, with community members choosing the development and operations teams.

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