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The Design Principle of Dragon NFTs

The Design Principle of Dragon NFTs

1. Combination: Collection & Dividend

There’s a mythology about a 'Legend Dragon' in Lemuria. It can grant players‘’ wishes, providing unlimited fortune to those who find it.

A set of dragon NFTs is created and can be obtained by players via random breeding. Players who collect the whole set can summon a 'Legend Dragon' with bonus dividend ( smart contract).

The Legend Dragon can share a permanent dividend part to the DragonMaster marketplace, with daily transaction fees (ETH) income being automatically paid to the player's wallet every day via the smart contract.

If there were more than one Legend Dragon, the daily revenue would be divided evenly. This makes sense because the Legend Dragon’s value increases with the number of players. What's more intriguing is that it will continue to be freely traded. The market will determine its value.

The Dragon NFTs are rare, and the Legend Dragons are more than rare. The first player to get the Legend Dragon is surely the LUCKY ONE.

2. Mutation

NFT inflation is a problem that most games encounter, and we're working on solutions. There might be normal breeding and mutation breeding. And the concept of “combined skill” is introduced based on the dragon features.

In normal breeding, one egg with random basic skill is produced by two parent dragons. In the mutation breeding, a second skill can be unlocked to the egg by chance, and the parent dragons would be sacrificed in the process. In this case, one rare dragon with two skills is produced by consuming two dragons, and the second skill is heritable.

Thus, The problem of NFTs inflation can be solved by 1+1=1.

There are pros and cons of implementing a "combined skill" and "mutation" approach. The inflation problem might be solved while the strength gap can be widened.

So this could be one idea for the inflation problem, and our team would take future consideration in implementation.

Diverse Matchs

1.Arena: Ring Match

The Ring Match is a type of group battle where participants must be more than two teams. In the match, each team must include equal numbers of players.The team that stands to the end wins.

2.Arena: Multiplayer Match

A multiplayer match, often known as a joint match, is a type of two-player game. The two-player battle rhythm will be faster and more complex, which requires communication and coordination.


The Judge will appear or drop TOTEM at random During the DragonMaster Battle, the Judge or TOTEM will drop randomly. The Judge can cause extra damage to the opponent, and TOTEM is an extra bonus when you push the dragon to the opponent’s side.

4.Maps: Weather/ Environmental Variables

Maps are important in competitive games. For example, the snow and mountain running methods in Need for Speed are distinct. We intend to develop various terrain and weather settings that may have a strengthening effect on some Dragons and a weakening effect on others, which is intriguing and adds a layer of mystery to the competitive game, making it more engaging.

Tribes: Alliance Organization

Tribal alliance is critical to a successful game, since it reflects a strong collective among the game participants who have come together to develop something. The core tenet is shared honor, common survival. Every DragonMaster player will be able to join/create a tribe in the future.

1.Tribe Mission

- Scoring according to each member's contribution.

- Badges, labels, etc.

- Team rewards according to contribution score after the tribal war.

2.Tribe war

- Daily fixed time for the tribe war.

- Rewards for the tribes with the top monthly ranking.

To win the tribal war, every member of the tribe must make their contribution, so that the tribe becomes more competitive, attracting more superb players to join and eliminating mediocre lying players.

NFTs Rental Market

The platform will set up a decentralized NFTs Rental Market that allows rental operations between players to lower the expenses.

1. Renters

Due to their lack of free time, players with a vast number of Dragon NFTs can rent them to boost their revenue.


The tenant does not have to invest first, instead he or she can use the rental market to find the best renters, sharing the profits with their time.

3.Rental Rules

The NFTs Rental Market will support several rental rules.

  • Free or Paid

  • Play to Earn with revenue sharing ratio

  • Time Contract

  • Daily battles or winning rate requirements

  • Bonus rewards for completing the renters’ all requirements

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