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Updates of DragonMaster

2022 / 3 / 21

Official launch
  1. 1.
    Android / iOS
  2. 2.
    Features update:
Game update
  • DMT Championship
  • Add member password for account to log in
  • Added view and use of rental lineup
  • Added real-time revenue sharing for members and guilds
Website update
  • Increases the probability of baby dragon inheriting from parent dragons when breeding
  • Added guild rental system
Guild Rental System
  • Support single/batch creation of members
  • Support custom adding community manager
  • Support custom profit-share ratio
  • Support 2 types of member settings (Delegated player, Guild sub-account)
  • Support batch repair of NFT durability
  • Visual member management (MMR data, Revenue data, Account status, Battle record, Online record)

2022 / 1 / 25

Beta 2.0 released
  1. 1.
    iOS version released
  2. 2.
    functions updates:
  • UX updates, dragons can be dragged to any track of the battlefield for better game experience.
  • Waiting dragons have been changed from 1 to 3 for players to better alter their strategy.
  • Added dragon dragging operation guide in the Beginner’s Tutorial.
  • UX updates, players are able to send emojis even when battle ends.
  • Fixed the Beta 1.0 bugs of Lucky Dragon.
  • Added Claim Token fee function.
  • Lock time: Dragons purchased or transferred from the marketplace are now not immediately available for battle and need to be locked for 24 hours.
  • Added quality probability of next generation in breeding.
  • Added a pop-up window when breeding was successful.
  • Added dragon's battle info dragon page details, enhancing the market transparency.
  • Added quality level info of dragon’s parents and children in the dragon page details.
  • Added animation effects in the dragon page.
  • Added referral code in the personal center.
  • Added friends list in the personal center, including the details of game data, rankings.
  • Added friend details page in personal center, infos like rankings, trophies, teams and NFTs will be included here.
The token claiming fees will be used in 2 ways:
  • DMT token buyback and destroy
  • Rewarding referrers
Please note: The details will be revealed when the game launches officially.

2021 / 12 / 31

Beta 1.0 released

Android version released
  • Farming
  • Battle Season
  • Battle System
  • Creat Teams
  • NFT illustration
  • Mission System
  • Battle History
  • Backpack
  • Setting Center

Website Release

  • Dashboard
  • NFT trading market
  • NFT Incubation
  • NFT breeding
  • Personal Center
  • Claim Token
  • NFT Box
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