Ecosystem Funds

Total Allocation% of total supply



The ecosystem funds’ core principle is to grow the DragonMaster community and the ecosystem.

1) Community principles

  • Players and guilds with significant contributions

  • DAO governance

2) Ecosystem principles

  • Dragon Metaverse Creators

  • Dragon Metaverse Developers

  • Exploration (Like SocialFi...)

20% of the DMT total supply is being allocated to the Ecosystem Funds, but will unlock gradually every 6 months over 5 years.

The ecosystem funds will initially be managed by the Magic Hat team, in the future it will be handed over to the community, with voting as the final decision on how the funds will be used. We shall compile a thorough summary of the utilization of the Ecosystem Funds each year and make it public to all community members, ensuring maximum transparency and integrity.

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